Case Study

Calare Properties

Adding value to existing assets.

1,675 kW
Total kW Developed
$5 M
Savings Over The Life Of The Contract
1,150 Tons
Annual CO2 Offset
Equivalent Number of Homes Powered
A rooftop solar array installed for Calare Properties.
Lodestar has significant experience not only in ground-mounted solar projects but in canopies and rooftops as well. Their team has worked with Kohl’s, Staples, Whole Foods, Walmart, AT&T, and many other private and public retail customers across the US.

Lodestar can help property owners and operators create additional value and return on their investments by adding solar to rooftops or by adding covered solar parking.

Calare Properties successfully owns and manages over 17.5 million square feet of properties in the Northeast, focusing on warehouses, manufacturing, offices, and flex spaces. Calare has a strong commitment to renewable energy and solar, and through working together with Lodestar, was able to identify four properties that were good candidates for solar.

Although traditional behind-the-meter opportunities were available, Calare and Lodestar chose to participate in the MA virtual net metering program, whereby Calare would receive lease payments for the use of the rooftops while the electricity credits would go to nearby housing authorities and municipalities. Through this arrangement, Calare adds value to their existing properties in the form of 20+ year contracted lease revenues.

The Lodestar team used their experience with rooftops to create designs that maximized solar energy but maintained access to important equipment on the rooftops. The team also worked with Calare to create uniform leases and contracts across the portfolio, thereby reducing legal costs. Finally, the teams worked closely together to minimize disruptions during the construction process.

If you are looking to add value to your existing real estate portfolio, please reach out to Lodestar Energy, who has the right experience and can help guide the way.
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