Case Study

D’Youville Life & Wellness

Helping a low income elder care facility go green while saving money.

1,730 kW
Total kW Developed
$2 M
Savings Over The Life Of The Contract
1,220 Tons
Annual CO2 Offset
Equivalent Number of Homes Powered
The D’Youville Life & Wellness solar array.
For over 55 years the D’Youville Life & Wellness Community has been an integral part of the physical and cultural landscape of Greater Lowell. Founded in 1960 by the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa, D’Youville has earned the trust of the community and the respect of its peer organizations for providing area seniors with superior care.

In 2015, D’Youville began looking for ways to add renewable energy to their energy mix while saving money. They solicited bids to have solar installed on their campus, but ultimately, they did not have the space to install a system that would provide the savings required to make the project worthwhile. 

Having ruled out on-site solar, D’Youville did not think they had any other option for procuring discounted green energy until Lodestar came along. Working together, Lodestar was able to build a strategy to deliver solar energy to D’Youville via the Massachusetts virtual net metering program. As a part of the strategy, D’Youville was able to qualify their campus as a low–income service provider, leading to further savings and allowing D’Youville to provide even higher levels of service to their residents.
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