Case Study

City of Haverhill, MA

Converting a abandoned truck stop into a productive solar facility.

3,003 kW
Total kW Developed
$6 M
Savings Over The Life Of The Contract
2,040 Tons
Annual CO2 Offset
Homes Powered
“On behalf of the City we are thrilled to be the purchaser of net metering credits for the Truckstop Project. The saving generated by the purchase of discounted net metering credits will assist the city in meeting its bottom line to provide essential services to our taxpayers in the most economical and sustainable manner.” 
– Orlando Pacheco
In August 1973, a tornado ripped through West Stockbridge, MA killing 4 people and injuring 33.  The Berkshire Truck Stop was completely destroyed in the process.  Designated a brownfield site, the property sat idle for 44 years until a team of creative developers at Lodestar Energy saw something more. 

Lodestar partnered with Housatonic Solar, the land owner, to get this project approved by the Town of West Stockbridge.  Strata Solar, a large national EPC headquartered in North Carolina, built the 3 MW project on behalf of Lodestar.  In order to minimize impact on the remediated site, Lodestar designed a ballasted solar system that placed the racking and wiring supporting the 8,964 solar panels above the ground.  

The City of Haverhill, located 150 miles east of the site, purchased the net metering credits from the project through the innovative MA Virtual Net Metering Program.  This project will supply approximately 20% of all the energy used by this city of 65,000 – and save them over $9 million.  Haverhill is very supportive of renewable energy and has partnered with Lodestar Energy on several additional projects.
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