Case Study

Town of Vernon, CT

Pioneering solar energy in Connecticut.

4,035 kW
Total kW Developed
$1.5 M
Savings Over The Life Of The Contract
2,761 Tons
Annual CO2 Offset
Homes Powered
The Suffield solar array took advantage of an unusable portion of farm land.
The Barkhamsted solar array.
Lodestar’s role in the CT solar program started very early, when co-founder Jeff Macel participated in the 2014 working sessions that led to the CT virtual net metering program.  After bidding on Low Emission Energy Credits (LRECs) from Eversource in 2015, Lodestar built solar projects totaling 4.3 MWs in Suffield and Barkhamsted, CT.  

The virtual net metering credits for both projects are being used by the Town of Vernon to provide discounted energy for municipal buildings, schools, and their water treatment facility.     

The Suffield solar array is located on an unusable portion of farm land owned by Kevin and Krist Sullivan.  The monthly lease payments help the Sullivans support their other farm operations.  Lodestar worked with the CT Siting Council over a 3-month process to permit this 3 MW project and make sure the environment was protected during the construction process. 

The Barkhamsted solar array is located on property owned by the Regional Refuse Disposal District One (RRDD1), adjacent to a closed landfill.  Spanning two towns, permitting had to be secured separately from each one. The lease payments help supplement the operating income of RRDD1, which continues to run a recycling program and transfer station. 

Both solar projects were built by S&C Electric, a 100-year old company out of Chicago that has partnered with Lodestar on over a dozen projects.
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